Herbal  Magnesium Muscle Soak  500 gm

Herbal Magnesium Muscle Soak 500 gm

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Size   :  500 gm

Magnesium  Muscle Soap

Excellent for relaxation, easing painful muscles and muscle tension.  Magnesium has many other uses and benefits. Assisting with sleep is just one other suggested use.    

Ideal for sore muscles, muscle cramps, sore tired feet this is ideal for including in your bath and foot soaks or body and foot balms.  

Stores well under most conditions but does not like high humidity and should not get wet.   A granular salt which dissolves easily in water and blends well with oil.

Soak your feet for 10 mins in warm water with 2 Tlbs magnesium muscle soak.  

Drink lots of water while you relax.   Detox.

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